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Why I Don’t Evangelize

December 19, 2013

I haven’t blogged in awhile. I actually only started this Blog because I was so broken hearted and I needed to put that somewhere, so I put my broken parts here. Now I just want to write because I think God and I talk more when I write, so here goes. Writing.

Christmas is in a few days. This is the time when more people than usual think about my Jesus. I think that is good because He is rad and people should think about Him. But then I also get broken hearted because I see so much damage that the people who follow Jesus do to my friend JC. When saying: “Merry Christmas” becomes a battle cry against “Happy Holidays” instead of a celebration of the joy that the birth of my savior should bring, it makes me sad. I also get sad when my fellow Christians tell my friends of other faiths that they “need Jesus.” No, they don’t. They don’t need Jesus to save them from Hell and that isn’t the reason they should know Jesus. Becoming friends with my Jesus shouldn’t be out of fear. I don’t think He wants you to know Him just to avoid punishment.

Do you really do that when you introduce a friend to another friend? Do you say, “You have to be friends with my buddy Jerry here or you will be tormented with fire for eternity”? I mean….would that make you want to really know Jerry? Of course not. That is the craziest thing I have ever heard. I don’t make friends with people because I am afraid of punishment if I don’t. Do you?

The truth is that I do want all my friends to know Jesus. I want them to know Him just because He is amazing and the most loving being I have ever known; because he changed my life and saved me and because I really love Him; and because I want them to feel His love. His love is truly amazing and very real. He is not some person in a fairy tale to me because at a low point in my life, He stepped into my room while I was broken and swept me in His arms and I heard Him. and then He came into my heart and the world changed for me. Everything looks different with Jesus; my heart is full of Him and the deep loneliness I felt without Him is not there anymore.

But that is my story. He is a very real person and He loves every being on this planet. I believe that He comes to people when they are ready and not when I am ready for them to know Him.

So I don’t evangelize. I will share my story with whoever will listen but I also recognize that my story and your story are different and unique. I cannot recreate my experience with Jesus for you. I don’t even want to because His story for you is going to look different.

I love my friends of different faiths and I love their stories; I see my Jesus in their loving experiences with the Divine and I am amazed at how God works and how beautifully unique all of our stories are.

I want you to know Jesus and if we are friends, I hope you kind of do because He is in me. I pray that sometimes I can get out of the way enough for you to see Him in my words and actions. I want you to know Him though in YOUR way. Not mine.

You are beautifully unique and your relationship with Jesus will also be completely unique. I am sorry for my fellow Christians who want to force Love on you. Forgive them. Jesus does not force. Love cannot be forced.

I love this quote even though I believe this is a paraphrase of St Francis’s real words:

“Preach the Gospel at all times, and when necessary, use words.”  
―     St. Francis of Assisi

Mostly, I just want to love you and that is the Gospel. That is what Jesus is to me. Pure love.

So I don’t want to convert you. I want you to be loved in the way I feel loved by Jesus and I completely see that this love will look different for you and thank God that it does; thank God that He comes to us in a way that follows no formula but that is perfect for each of His kids. You are so beautiful; so unique. Your story will also be beautiful and unique.




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One Comment
  1. kristen guy permalink

    oh my goodness! this is amazing! thank you for thinking my thoughts and taking time to write them more clearly than i ever could!

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