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How This Mom of Two is Going to Fight Terrorism

September 15, 2014

Ever since having my first born, my anxiety has been through the roof. Every scenario of how my baby could get hurt runs through my head, and fear for the safety of my children is just the new normal.

9/11 happened before I had kids. I did not have this constant fear then. But now I have two kids and ISIS is happening, the Pope has said we are on the verge of World War III… anxiety levels could cause me to hide my children in my home and cry all day, but then the terrorists win.

I am going to fight terrorism by enjoying this day and taking in the beautiful world that God has given me. I am going to be extra kind, extra open to loving people and extra compassionate. I am not going to give into classifying an entire religion as out to kill me because demonizing an entire group of people based on falsehoods is how Holocausts happen.

The world that I am raising my kids in is scary, but the world has always had bad things in it that scare moms. The world also has wonders to explore and people to love.

Fear and anxiety are powerful emotions that can cause us to commit all sorts of evils. Love and faith are even more powerful and cause us to commit all sorts of blessings.

I am extremely grateful for our military and live right by a marine base. The men and women that serve our country do so so that we can live in freedom. I appreciate them all with all my heart. I am not saying in any way that we should not fight against evil with the sword (or airstrikes) when necessary. I am only saying that this mom has not been put in the place to fight with a sword.

Terrorists want us to live in fear; to give up our freedom through hiding and hating. I choose not to hide or hate. I choose to live and love and that is how I will fight terrorism today.

Will you join me? Today, will you be extra kind to every person you meet? Will you enjoy the fresh air and the beauty of the world you are in a little more today? And most of all will you choose to love when you feel fear?

My fight is easier today because I live with two people that are amazing examples of fighters against terror. They live without fear and anxiety most everyday. Check out this fighter; she is my hero:


And this….how can you not feel fear dissipate when you see this?:


Joy….joy leaves no room for terror. My kids are the greatest weapon ever unleashed on a scared world. Their joy destroys fear. I love them.

If you don’t know how to fight terrorism, find a child and follow what they do. They are amazing.

Now fight on my fellow moms and other humans trying to survive in this scary world. We are in this together.


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