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On ISIS: The Power of Compassion

November 17, 2015

Today I read that several states have refused to take in Syrian refugees and a felt my heart drop into my stomach. Fear is winning. ISIS is winning. When our compassion is trumped by fear, we are letting terrorism win.

When something painful happens, we as humans react badly. There is too much emotion. The grieving process includes fear and anger. While we are grieving is not the time to make decisions that will cause even more pain.

We are in grief and some of us are making bad decisions right now.

I texted my friend today to see how she was holding up. My friend is the most beautiful person, inside and out. We call her our Egyptian goddess. I love her. We talk about raising kids, homeschooling, eating right and even religion. She’s a Muslim. I am a Christian. She respects my faith. I respect hers.

Today, we talked about the states not wanting the refugees and about how Mosques are being burned in the USA and Muslims are being threatened. She’s afraid for her children.

And yet, she still has compassion. She can understand the fear that causes the hate and she is choosing to stand strong and share her culture and faith in love.

This Muslim woman shows me Jesus.

Do you know about Jesus? He’s the guy that the people calling for us to close our borders to refugees claim to follow.

I know Him. I fell in love with His because of the very compassion that makes me love my Muslim sister.

He said and did many amazing things, but the running thesis to all he said and did was: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”



I do not think Jesus would let fear trump his compassion. You know….he was once beaten almost to death and then nailed to a cross to slowly and painfully die. He was persecuted. And in that moment of pain on the verge of death, he looked out at his murderers and asked of God: “Forgive them for they know not what they do.” Compassion was Jesus’s response to being hurt.

We are hurt right now. ISIS has wounded us, but please, don’t let fear win. Do not take your pain out on your Muslim neighbors or refugees who are both Christian and Muslim.

If you and I are going to fight ISIS, we have to do it with compassion. Fear is their weapon. Let love be ours.



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    Love you girl

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