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The Worst

January 9, 2016

Being a teenager was hard for me. Being a child was easy. I played. I fought with my siblings. Homework. Cartoons. It wasn’t too hard. I mean…life is never perfect, but kids can roll with most things that are happening. Then I became a teen and all these emotions started happening. Life got confusing and harder and since I was 13, in comparison with the previous 12 years, this really was the worst. The certain group of girls at school not wanting to hang out with me was the worst thing that had ever happened because I had all these feelings and they were strong and I didn’t  know what to do with them. It sucked. The worst.

And then I got older and harder things happened and I realized: that was not the worst. THIS is the worst.

Really hard things happened. Like really, really hard.

People died.

Friends lost their children.

I lost a dear student.

Those were the worst.

I’ve been bedridden sick for 3 weeks now, but this is not the worst. I will eventually get better, my kids are not missing, I did not lose anyone, so this is not the worst and since this isn’t the worst, I am so very grateful.

Perspective through pain has led me to gratitude.

Thank you God that this is not the worst.







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  1. Hollie Prussack permalink

    Amy, you always Wow Me with your perspective on life. Thank you for your meaningful words.

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