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America: Land of the Broken

November 11, 2016

Today I cried for the first time since the election. My daughter came in and sung me “Lost Boy” by Ruth B; A sweet song about my favorite childhood story sung in the sweet innocent voice of my beautiful daughter. I want to run off to Neverland and away from this adult world and take my family with me. I get you J.M. Barrie! I don’t want to be a grown up.

When you grow up, you have to face the broken of the world and you realize that no one is going to protect you from it anymore. You are all of a sudden hit with the reality that the adults are no different then then kids; confused, scared, and wanting big poppa to come in and make it all better.

We all crave someone who can protect us because we are all scared.

We try to ignore our fear or mask it with addictions, but the world is terrifying and eventually the fear becomes so great that nothing can keep it down.

We are nothing more than children, scared and looking for someone to take care of us. Children who feel unsafe and neglected will seek out a strong personality to give them security. Children who don’t feel safe are vulnerable to predators.

In the wise words of Tina Fey in a letter to her daughter: “May she be Beautiful but not Damaged, for it’s the Damage that draws the creepy soccer coach’s eye, not the Beauty.”

The damage is what lures the predators. The feeling that no one  hears you and loves you. No one will protect you. That is the feeling that a predator seeks.

America is scared. America is feeling unheard. America is damaged.

Then along comes an admitted predator and he pretends to listen. He seems to care. He is loud and seems strong. He promises to protect her. He says he will keep her enemies away and make sure she has what she needs to thrive. He moves in closer, whispering comfort in her ear and his hand moves up her thigh and she ignores what she knows is so wrong because she so needs to feel safe and heard. He will take what he wants from her and leave her more broken than before.

I am so sorry America. I am devastated to realize how unheard you have been and how unsafe you feel. I am sorry that you felt he was the only option.

Today, I cry for my country, but I will get up and go love my children now and listen to them and then I will try to listen to my family and friends that voted for him. He is a symptom of a bigger problem and it’s time we all starting listening to each other so that we can find the root of our fear, pull it out and heal the wound.

Put your arms around each other today America. We are not enemies. We are a broken family that needs to heal and we can only do that by laying down our pride and anger and truly seeking to hear each other.


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  1. This is an interesting analogy. I can see it and take it further in my own reaction, because right now the people I’m angriest at are the people who were supposed to protect me. My metaphorical parents, who were supposed to make sure bad men couldn’t hurt me. Just like so many children who have suffered through sexual assault, I blame the parent that didn’t stop it.

    I am angry at every Democrat who loved Bernie but voted Hillary “because she can win,” all the while ignoring polls that told us MONTH AGO no, she couldn’t. I am angry at the DNC, for rigging the primary election and ignoring those same polls and the incredible movement Bernie was building in favor of cronyism. I’m angry at the Democrats for the last 30 years, who let places like Flint, Michigan crumble while they abandoned the working poor. They moved so far center they essentially became moderate Republicans, leaving huge numbers of Americans with no one to turn to but “an outsider,” whatever the eff that means.

    And yes, I’m angry at the Clintons. I’m angry at Bill Clinton for NAFTA, which I’m old enough to remember was wildly unpopular at the time. And for himself being so sexually inappropriate and dishonest while he was in office, it lowered our standards of decency to the point we find ourselves today. And I’m angry at Hillary Clinton, who lost Wisconsin to Bernie and then didn’t even bother to visit during the general. Every once of goodwill I had cobbled together for her over the last 4 months evaporated the instant CNN dropped that little factoid as I fell into the hell dimension I now find myself in. Because oh my god, the hubris. The arrogance. What a perfect example of how exactly right the Trump voters are. You don’t care, do you? For them, it really is worth the risk. In fact, you gave them no choice.

    All these people are supposed to be smarter than this. More compassionate. More capable of foresight. They moved us next door to a sex predator and then went away for the weekend. And I’m pissed off.

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