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It’s All Going to Be Ok

September 20, 2017

In my last post, I shared about quitting my job of 9 years. That move was terrifying for me. So terrifying that I put off doing it for years. I stayed at a job that was destroying me for YEARS because of fear.

Here is what I want you to know: It all turned out ok.

It’s been 4 months. I have a new job that pays less and stresses me less. I am healthier. My kids are healthier. My marriage is healthier. I make less money but my husband is making more, so it all balanced out.

I was terrified of a monster and when I stepped out of my closet to face it, it was just a shadow that dissipated when the light came on.

I really thought I was holding everything up and that if I stopped, our little world would fall apart. Then I stopped and it kept turning just fine.

Strangely, quitting seems so small now; like a silly decision I could have made years ago with ease. The light is flipped on and there is no monster.

If you are facing a big and scary decision, I encourage you to make it. Flip on that light and see the monster for what it is.

It’s all going to be ok.





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